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Synergetic effect of MoS2 and g-C3N4 as cocatalysts for enhanced photocatalytic H-2 production activity of TiO2 期刊论文
MATERIALS RESEARCH BULLETIN, 2016, 卷号: 76, 页码: 79-84
Authors:  Yang, Xixian;  Huang, Hongyu;  Kubota, Mitsuhiro;  He, Zhaohong;  Kobayashi, Noriyuki;  Zhou, Xiaosong;  Jin, Bei;  Luo, Jin
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Composites  Semiconductors  Surfaces  Nanostructures  Solvothermal  Catalytic Properties  
Facile synthesis of MoS2/B-TiO2 nanosheets with exposed {001} facets and enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic H-2 production activity 期刊论文
RSC ADVANCES, 2016, 卷号: 6, 期号: 108, 页码: 107075-107080
Authors:  Yang, Xixian;  Huang, Hongyu;  Jin, Bei;  Luo, Jin;  Zhou, Xiaosong
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Direct hydroxylation of benzene to phenol with molecular oxygen over vanadium oxide nanospheres and study of its mechanism 期刊论文
RSC Advances, 2015, 卷号: 5, 期号: 114
Authors:  Luo, Guanhua;  Lv, Xuechuan;  Wang, Xingwang;  Yan, Su;  Gao, Xiaohan;  Xu, Jie;  Ma, Hong;  Jiao, Yujuan;  Li, Fayun;  Chen, Jinzhu
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大型蒸汽干燥腊肠隧道窑 期刊论文
中国农机化, 1997, 期号: S1, 页码: 265-267
Authors:  冯洛滨;  林兆榕;  郑伟清;  章木华;  李立敦;  黄远峰;  黄贵金
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蒸汽干燥  隧道窑  腊肠干燥  
高效全湿润型太阳能集热器 专利
专利类型: 实用新型, 实用新型, 公开, 公开, 实用新型, 公开, 申请日期: 1995-06-07, 公开日期: 1995-06-07, 2011-07-13
Inventors:  黄贵金;  黄远锋;  郑伟清;  冯洛滨;  章木华
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