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Anaerobic digestion of corn straw pretreated by ultrasonic combined with aerobic hydrolysis 期刊论文
BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY, 2021, 卷号: 341, 页码: 7
Authors:  Chu, Xiaodong;  Cheng, Qiushuang;  Xu, Yonghua;  Luo, Lina;  Wang, Ming;  Zheng, Guoxiang;  Zhang, Hongqiong;  Yi, Weiming;  Liu, Xiaofeng;  Sun, Yongming;  Sun, Yong
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Corn straw  Ultrasonic  Aerobic hydrolysis  Anaerobic digestion  Methane production  
Hydrogen-rich syngas production from chemical looping gasification of lignite by using NiFe2O4 and CuFe2O4 as oxygen carriers 期刊论文
FUEL, 2021, 卷号: 303, 页码: 10
Authors:  Zhao, Kun;  Fang, Xiaojie;  Huang, Zhen;  Wei, Guoqiang;  Zheng, Anqing;  Zhao, Zengli
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Coal gasification  Chemical looping gasification  H-2-rich syngas  Copper ferrite  Nickel ferrite  
Study on syngas methanation over municipal solid waste char supported Ni catalyst 期刊论文
FUEL, 2021, 卷号: 303, 页码: 14
Authors:  Luo, Jia;  Chen, Dezhen;  Yue, Xia;  Feng, Yuheng;  Huang, Zhen
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MSW pyrolysis char  Syngas methanation  Ni-based catalyst  CO conversion  CH4 selectivity  CH4 yield  
Co-fermentation of succinic acid and ethanol from sugarcane bagasse based on full hexose and pentose utilization and carbon dioxide reduction 期刊论文
BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY, 2021, 卷号: 339, 页码: 10
Authors:  Xu, Chao;  Alam, Md. Asraful;  Wang, Zhongming;  Peng, Yuande;  Xie, Chunliang;  Gong, Wenbing;  Yang, Qi;  Huang, Shushi;  Zhuang, Wei;  Xu, Jingliang
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Co-fermentation  Ethanol  Succinic acid  Lignocellulosic biomass  CO2 emission reduction  
Synergistic effects for fast co-pyrolysis of strong-acid cation exchange resin and cellulose using Py-GC/MS 期刊论文
FUEL, 2021, 卷号: 302, 页码: 6
Authors:  Zhang, Jun;  Li, Chengyu;  Gu, Jing;  Yuan, Haoran;  Chen, Yong
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Rice straw pretreatment with KOH/urea for enhancing sugar yield and ethanol production at low temperature 期刊论文
Authors:  Zahoor;  Wang, Wen;  Tan, Xuesong;  Imtiaz, Muhammad;  Wang, Qingfeng;  Miao, Changlin;  Yuan, Zhenhong;  Zhuang, Xinshu
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Rice straw  KU pretreatment  Room temperature  Sugar yield  Ethanol production  Fertilizer value  
A novel oleaginous yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae CU-TPD4 for lipid and biodiesel production 期刊论文
CHEMOSPHERE, 2021, 卷号: 280, 页码: 11
Authors:  Watsuntorn, Wannapawn;  Chuengcharoenphanich, Nuttha;  Niltaya, Poompat;  Butkumchote, Cheryanus;  Theerachat, Monnat;  Glinwong, Chompunuch;  Qi, Wei;  Wang, Zhongming;  Chulalaksananukul, Warawut
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Oleaginous yeast  Saccharomyces cerevisiae CU-TPD4  Microbial lipid  Biodiesel production  
Evaluation of life cycle energy, economy and CO2 emissions for biomass chemical looping gasification topower generation 期刊论文
RENEWABLE ENERGY, 2021, 卷号: 176, 页码: 366-387
Authors:  Mohamed, Usama;  Zhao, Ying-jie;  Yi, Qun;  Shi, Li-juan;  Wei, Guo-qing;  Nimmo, William
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Life cycle  Chemical looping gasification  Biomass  CCS  Power generation  
Mechanisms of bio-additives on boosting enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass 期刊论文
BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY, 2021, 卷号: 337, 页码: 10
Authors:  Xu, Chao;  Alam, Md. Asraful;  Wang, Zhongming;  Chen, Huanjun;  Zhang, Jun;  Huang, Shushi;  Zhuang, Wei;  Xu, Jingliang
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Non-enzymatic protein  Biosurfactant  Absorption  Enzymatic hydrolysis  Lignocellulosic biomass  
Removal of pollution from the chemical looping process: A mini review 期刊论文
FUEL PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY, 2021, 卷号: 221, 页码: 12
Authors:  Jiang, Hongming;  Huo, Ruiqiang;  Zhang, Zhen;  Lin, Yan;  Zhao, Zengli;  Huang, Zhen;  Fang, Yitian;  Li, Haibin
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Chemical looping  Tar removal  Desulfurization  Denitration  Dechlorination